About Me

I am a Computer Technician, a Software Developer, and a Veteran

My Experience

With over four years of experience as a computer technician, I was responsible for maintaining workstations, printers and computer hardware in the Soldier Readiness Processing section of the Directorate of Human Resources on Joint Base Lewis-McCord. I trained new technicians, employees, and soldiers for their computer certifications so that they could be issued computer accounts. I maintained the computer accounts of contractors and soldiers within my department. I was responsible for installing and maintaining computer software applications, hardware, and network infrastructure equipment as well as troubleshooting network and software problems.

Earning an associates degree in Cybersecurity / Network Administration in 2020, my studies included Cisco Appliance configuration and maintenance (4 quarters), PC Workstation Technical Support (2 quarters), PC Operating Systems (Windows and Unix), Command Line Interface (PowerShell and Unix), Microsoft Server Configuration and Maintenance (3 quarters), Wireless Technologies, Cybersecurity (both Offensive and Defensive), Managing Network Environments and Team Building, Voice over IP technologies including Configuration and Maintenance, Personal Communication Skills, and an internship with DSHS.

Earning an associate's degree in Computer Programming in 2018, where my studies included programming using Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Access, and in languages such as C#, Visual Basic, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and XML. I have gained experience with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010-2017, TortoiseSVN and Microsoft T-SQL. I was instructed in the fundamentals of Version Control, Programming Logic and Object-Oriented Programming.

With over three years as a soldier in a combat environment during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom I gained valuable experience in duty and leadership. My duties included operating a computer used to track enemy and friendly locations and direct artillery fire, performing security patrols, performing perimeter and gate security, operating as a vehicle gunner for samaritan operations among many other duties. I have training in leadership, computer systems including Windows, Linux and Sun Operating Systems, networking, radio systems and weapons handling. I have received an honorable discharge with multiple awards and commendations.

My Contact Information

Email: email address

Phone: (360) 584-4875

Location: Olympia, WA

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If your company or agency has an opening in IT and you are interested in my skills and experience, please contact me by phone or email. I will respond quickly.